Language Playtime - NEW!
Flexible, personalized childcare with a language-learning spin

​We are pleased to offer this flexible language service for Seattle-based families with kids 2-12 years old. Language Playtime is a play-based childcare program where a fluent speaker of the target language takes care of your child in your home or in a place of your choosing. During each session, the caregiver works on developing your child's socio-emotional skills as well as their gross and fine motor development through engaging activities in the target language. Individualized curriculum and supplies are provided by Jump On Languages. We are currently offering Spanish Playtime and soon will offer Japanese and Mandarin options as well.

Your registration plan depends on your needs and schedule. Families have a chance to interview and develop a personal relationship with their caretaker, and they determine how frequently and for how many hours the caretaker will work with their child(ren).


Contact us to find the plan that best works for your family!

Living Room Pillow Fight
Hourly Rates

One Child: $25/hour

Two or More Children: $20/hour per child

Additional costs may be applied depending on the requested services


Sophie Harrison


Natalia Urdaneta


Ariadna Perez


Valerie Lonneman