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Spanish Preschool at Phinney Center 

We are very excited to continue our preschool care for kids 3-5 years old in a Spanish immersion setting. Our professional bilingual and bicultural staff provides a nurturing and inclusive environment that  encourages self-confidence, spontaneity, curiosity, and self- discipline. Our age appropriate curriculum addresses every child cognitive, social, emotional, language and physical development. Kids will learn Spanish and the different cultures of Spanish speaking countries through lots of engaging activities including games, songs, art, cooking, natural explorations and much more. We include families and the broader community as partners in all our programs, so every week is different and the learning never stops!

Please note that for the time being we require children to be potty trained to participate in our preschool programs. 

We are located at Phinney Center. Parents/caregivers can choose how many days per week they want to enroll their kids. 

Spanish preschool in Seattle
Tour our Spanish preschool

Sign up for an upcoming tour of our preschool with our lead preschool teacher and director, to get a real feel for what our program is about.

Pricing and Registration
2023-2024 school year 

Part-Time Preschool (9:00AM - 12:30PM)

Registration is for minimum 2 days / week.

Spots available! 

Pricing and Registration 
September 2024 - June 2025

Inquiry List is now open!
*Scroll  all the way down to find our Registration process and Policies starting September 2024.

Part-Time Preschool (9:00AM - 12:30PM)

Registration is for minimum 2 days / week.

*Registration for Early Care is optional.  If you decide to enroll in Early Care, then the days for Early Care enrollment must match your Part Time preschool enrollment .

JOL will open it's doors for a Full Time Preschool in September 2024!

Full-Time Preschool (7:30AM - 5:30PM)

2024-2025 school year 

Registration is for minimum 2 days / week.

Monthly Tuition

*Registration for Early Care and After Care is optional. If you decide to register for Early Care and/or After Care, the days must match the Day Care enrollment days.  

New families:

We'll open our inquiry list for new families on January 8, 2024 at 9AM. 

We'll begin contacting families that signed up on the inquiry list by order starting January 22 to offer spots for Fall 2024 in both our full time and part time Preschools.

Financial Aid

Our Jump On Languages preschool families could be eligible to receive tuition assistance from the State of Washington. Find more information here.

Policies and Registration Process

JOL Preschool September 2024


Registration for current families opens on January 8, 2024.

New Families: our Inquiry list for the Full Time Preschool will open on January 8, 2024.

Please sign up on the inquiry list if you're interested in enrolling on our Full Time Preschool. 

Registration for new families opens on January 22.

  • If you receive a notification that you are off the inquiry list, we will wait 72 hours for your registration before moving to the next person on the waitlist. Please ensure is added to your safe sender list and/or check your spam folder.

  • When opening a spot for the inquiry list, we consider if we can offer the full request including Early Care and After Care.

  • We will begin contacting people on the inquiry list on January 22, depending on your spot, it may take a few days until we reach you. 

Cancellation Policies

First month’s tuition can be partially reimbursable minus $50 for each day of the week you had registered as an administrative fee, and depending on the cancellation date. You can think of it as a $50 non-reimbursable deposit for each day you register for that ensures the spot is saved for your family. Before April 1, we will reimburse the full amount minus the administrative fee. Between April 1 and April 15 we will reimburse 75% minus the administrative fee, between April 16 and April 30, we will reimburse 50% minus the administrative fee and starting May 1, it is not reimbursable. For example, if you registered for 5-days for a program with tuition of $700 and you cancel on April 20th, we deduct $50x5 to account for each day you had registered and then reimburse 50% of what is left so the refund is $225. However, if you cancel on March 30th, we will reimburse $450. 

Financial Assistance

Our Jump On Languages preschool families could be eligible to receive tuition assistance from the State of Washington. Find more information here.

Families who want financial assistance from Jump On Languages can fill out the this form. 

Meet the Team
Paola Mizrahi - Director of Jump on Languages



Co-Founder &


Spanish Male Teacher_edited.jpg

Malik Caldwell


Maestra Maria Elena2.jpg

Maria Elena Hoveskeland

Lead Teacher


Javier De Mabel

Music Teacher

Iara Cardoso - Spanish teacher Jump on Languages

Iara Cardoso


Nathaly Alcantara - Spanish Teacher Jump on Languages

Nathaly Alcantara


Maestra Marianny.jpeg

Marianny Duran


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