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Spanish Afterschool at Phinney Center (September 7th 2023 - June 23rd 2024)

We're excited to bring back our K-5 afterschool program in 2023-2024! Students will play games, dance, do art and STEM projects and much more, all in Spanish. Our teachers are fully bilingual and ready to have fun. Our afterschool programs will also include elements of Latin American culture as a way to broaden each kid's global perspective. 

Our Spanish Afterschool Program runs Monday - Friday from 3PM - 6PM. We are located at Phinney Center. Parents/caregivers can choose how many days per week they want to enroll their kids. 

  • Indoor and Outdoor activities

  • Transportation available from John Stanford International School, McDonald International School, Greenwood, Whittier, and B.F. Day for an additional fee

  • Scholarships and sibling discounts available

  • Pay Monthly - No long term commitments

  • Monthly automatic payments

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 2023-2024 School Year Tuition



Please note that the rates for the 23-24 school year have increased to account for inflation, to adjust our teacher's salary accordingly, and to be able to purchase materials and services for the student's education and safety.

The pre-registration and registration process for Fall 2023 is below. 

September 2022 - June 2023


Our Afterschool Program has spots available for all grades and all days! 

Wednesday Early Release: There is an added fee of $69 per month if you are registering for Wednesday afterschool care, due to SPS early release.


Transportation : The transportation fee from John Stanford International School, McDonald International School, Whittier, Greenwood, and B.F. Day Elementary School is $22/month per day. (Limited spaces available)

If your school is not on the list or we don't have a spot available for you you can contact Seattle Public School's Transportation Service to inquire about a drop off location near the PNA.  A teacher will wait for kids on near by school-bus stops to take them to PNA. 

Sibling Discount: After your first child's plan, receive a 10% discount on subsequent plans of equal or lesser value, up to $150 per family.


Spanish lessons in Small Groups: Available for Afterschool Students that attend on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Lessons are 45 minutes and are held during Afterschool hours. These are optional and have a cost of $45 per month. Students will be assigned a group depending on their Spanish level and day of attendance. Classes have a maximum of 10 students.

Policies and Process for Preregistration and Registration - Fall 2023

  • Members are those that are currently enrolled in our afterschool or preschool programs.

  • Preregistration fee goes towards the first month’s tuition. If you preregister, but don’t register  then the fee is non-refundable. This includes that if you pre-register for 5 days, but only register for 3 days, then the amount to be refunded is $150 for three days and not the $250 that was paid during pre-registration. The reason is that we want to maximize opportunity for all families to register in our program.

  • First month tuition is not reimbursable after April 1, 2023

  • If you receive a notification that you are off the waitlist, we will wait 72 hours for your registration before moving to the next person on the waitlist. Please ensure info@jumponlanguages is added to your safe sender list and/or check your spam folder.

  • When opening a spot for the waitlist, we consider if we can offer the full request including transportation requests. 

  • If a sibling hasn’t pre-registered by the end of the pre-registration period, they lose their priority

  • We will begin contacting people on the waitlist on March 17th, depending on your spot, it may take a few days until we reach you. 

  • Registration starts on March 2nd for members and on March 17th for non-members. Registration includes also registering for transportation and Wednesday early care.

  • We are assuming that all schools that have Seattle Public School transportation to Phinney, will continue to do so (McDonald, West Woodland, JSIS, Cascadia). If that changes, we will do our best to find an alternative, but if we are not able to find a reasonable option, and you decide to un-enroll then we will reimburse 50% of your registration fee as long as it is requested by September 1st. 

  • People who receive financial assistance will continue to get the same percentage of financial assistance in the next school year.

  • We will notify you regarding enrollment into Small Groups at a future date. 

Are you not currently enrolled and want to join next school year? 
FALL 2023

Not a current student? 
for next school year

Meet the Team
Spanish Teacher.JPG



Co-Founder &



Iara Cardoso


Spanish Male Teacher_edited_edited.jpg

Malik Cadwell


Lorena Spanish Teacher.jpg


Del Pino

Assistant Director


Edith Zinger Corona



Louise Andreson


Maria Elena Spanish Teacher.jpg

Maria Elena Hoveskeland

Lead Teacher



Nathaly Alcantara


Spanish Teacher.jpeg

Laura Franco



Carolina León Montalvo

Teacher / PlayTime Coordinator



Javier De Mabel



Noelia Arzán Vazquez

Afterschool Coordinator


Maestro Aaron.jpg

Aaron De Sal


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