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Online Language Learning Programs
for Companies

Designed for teams and businesses, offering personalized language learning with online tutors to develop your employees’ language skills to aid your business growth, assignees and get a competitive edge.

Our online language learning trainings for companies are designed to improve the language capabilities of businesses and their staff. These programs aim to develop learners’ foreign language fluency so they can confidently communicate on both a professional and personal level with their colleagues, partners and customers. 

What are the benefits?

•    Improve cognitive skills of employees.
•    Enhance soft-skills and life-skills.
•    Increase intercultural communication abilities and cultural understanding.
•    Develop inclusive, productive and well-adapted teams.
•    Work internationally with confidence, face to face or remotely.
•    Effectively compete in international markets.
•    For relocation assignments, improve the likelihood of success
•    Improve employee relocation success and take advantage of business opportunities across the globe.

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Top quality tutors

Our tutors are carefully selected to help your employees reach their full speaking and writing potential

Tailor-made programs

Personalized learning plans for each company to improve their employee language skills

Multiple languages

Our courses cover core world languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese and French

Continuous Support

A designated customer support team  ready to solve any issues

Tailored Pricing

Set on a case-by-case basis adjusted on the company needs and possibilities

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