Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your cancellation policy for online language classes?

If the student will need to miss a class, please let us know 12 hours in advance, so we can schedule a make-up class at no extra cost. If the student does not show up for a class, or we receive a late notification (less than 12 hours in advance), we won’t be able to make up the class, and the class will be paid in full with the monthly payment. 

Every month is a new payment cycle. You can cancel your student’s enrollment at any time with a written request, and you will not be charged for the following month. However, you will be responsible to pay in full for the current month (e.g. if we receive your email requesting cancellation on October 23rd, you will pay in full for October 2020, but you will stop receiving invoices after that).

Exceptions will be considered for medical or family emergencies

2. What is your cancellation policy for summer camps?

We understand plans change. We keep our policy as flexible as possible considering that the later a family needs to cancel, it takes away from another family who could have booked and may have had to made different plans. If you cancel before May 1st, you will receive a FULL REFUND (except $15 administration fee). If you cancel between May 2 and July 15th, you will receive 50% REFUND. Any cancelations after July 15th are non refundable. Exceptions will be considered for medical or COVID related reasons.

3. What is your cancellation policy for ongoing after school and preschool programs?

Families pay each month in advance, but there is no period commitment. Once a month is paid, we usually consider that payment non-refundable unless there are extenuating circumstances. However, if you need to withdraw a student from our program just contact us and we will not charge you the following month. 

4. Can I submit my expenses on Jump On Languages as a child care deduction for taxes?

First, the most important thing is that you should consult your tax accountant. Some parents, including ourselves, have filed preschool, after school and camp expenses as deductions. You will need our EIN and address for that. If you decide to do this please contact us and we can provide you the necessary information. 

5. Do you have transportation for the after school?

We are offering transportation for the after school program leaving from John Stanford International School, Mcdonald International school, B.F. Day and Whittier. You can book transportation through the 'Register' tab -> Sign Ups -> 'After School Transportation'.  The trips will be short, but safety is our priority so please provide a booster seat for your child. The mifold is a good travel option your students can bring to school and keep with them. 

6. Do you offer food in your in-person programs?

We offer nut-free snacks, but we are not able to offer full meals yet. We ask that parents pack a meal for the K-5 summer camp, Preschool summer camp and Preschool program

7. Do you offer financial aid / scholarships?

We are proud to offer financial aid to those who need it. We believe in our mission to create community by bringing people together through the learning of languages and cultures. We currently self-fund the programs, but we do our best to cover as much as possible for whoever needs it. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further. 

8. What are your COVID related policies?

Safety is our #1 priority. Every teacher is fully vaccinated and all teachers and students will need to wear masks vaccinated or not until further notice. We will also disinfect all common furniture and materials as much as possible and will have hand sanitizer available. We will also do as much as possible activities outdoors or with as much ventilation as possible. 

If at any point we are aware that a student of staff member has tested positive we will communicate with anyone who was exposed to them and may need to pause the program to disinfect everything. 

We recognize that providing child care is critical for families so we will do everything possible to stay open. 

9. Who are your teachers?

Our teachers are the best. We recruit teachers for our online and in-person programs searching for the most qualified available. To learn more about our online teachers you can go to the 'Languages' tab or you can go to the specific program teachers.  We look for native and/or fluent and proficient in the target language. We also expect each teacher to be dynamic and fun, while still being able to develop a professional curriculum that enables learning that is customized to each child's development process.


For our in-person programs, everything above applies plus all Lead Teachers have 8+ years of experience teaching kids. Our Assistant Teachers have 2+ years teaching the language or related field. Finally, we also believe in community development by recruiting high school students who are proficient in the target language to add even more dynamism and fun to our summer K5 programs. They follow the guidance from our Lead Teachers.