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  • What are your COVID-related policies?
    Safety is our #1 priority. Every teacher is fully vaccinated, and all teachers and students must wear masks. We disinfect all common furniture and materials as much as possible and have hand sanitizer available. We prioritize outdoor activities and keep windows and doors open as much as possible for ventilation. Every classroom has an air purifier. ​ If at any point we are aware that a student or staff member has tested positive for COVID, we communicate with anyone who was exposed to them and may pause the program as needed. ​ We recognize that providing child care is critical for families, so we do everything possible to safely remain open.
  • How do I receive financial assistance if I'm eligible?
    PRESCHOOL For our preschool, please apply online through or by calling 844-6268687. The team at the Department of Children Youth and Families take about seven days to process the application. Once approved, they let us know what your co-pay will be which could be $0 to $215 ALL STUDENTS 6+ YEARS OLD For our afterschool, please fill out this form. We will reply within seven days. For now, the maximum financial assistance we can provide for our afterschool is a 25% reduction in tuition. We consider the nuclear families monthly income and liquid assets. This form is confidential and only reviewed by JOL Directors. ALL PROGRAMS We are proud to offer financial aid to those who need it. Approximately 2% of our revenue goes to financial aid. We believe in our mission to create community by bringing people together through the learning of languages and cultures. As indicated above, we now rely on State subsidies for our preschool, but financial aid for all other programs are currently self-funded and we do our best to cover as much as possible for whoever needs it. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss further.
  • My child does not speak Spanish. Can they still join your in-person programs?
    Absolutely! We welcome a wide variety of proficiency levels, from true beginners to fluent. Our teachers are bilingual and work hard to make the learning environment welcoming and inclusive for all, supporting every kid’s progress in their Spanish language, based on the level they are at.
  • What are your cancelation policies?
    Before we detail the cancelation policy for each program, we will explain the general principles behind our policies. We try to make them as transparent as possible and visible when you register for our programs, at least providing a link to this section of our site. We recognize there are some programs with higher demand than our capacity, which leads us to balance between opening registration with enough time for families to plan their schedules, while still providing a wait list and being diligent about reaching out to people on our list if and when spaces open up. We rely on filling our programs to be able to minimize cost for students and families, while still paying teachers as much as we can and meeting our other responsibilities such as lease payments, insurance and so on. There are seasons for when people register for some of our programs such as camps, afterschool and preschool. After these seasons pass, filling spots is much harder. This means that if we allow very late cancelations with refunds, then we may not be able to fill spots limiting our ability to achieve what we aim for in (3). We make exceptions for financial needs, family and medical emergencies up to our discretion. Preschool, Afterschool & Small Groups When registering for the next school year, first month’s tuition can be partially reimbursable minus $50 for each day of the week you had registered as an administrative fee, and depending on the cancellation date. You can think of it as a $50 non-reimbursable deposit for each day you register for that ensures the spot is saved for your family. Before April 1, we will reimburse the full amount minus the administrative fee. Between April 1 and April 15 we will reimburse 75% minus the administrative fee, between April 16 and April 30, we will reimburse 50% minus the administrative fee and starting May 1, it is not reimbursable. For example, if you registered for 5-days for a program with tuition of $700 and you cancel on April 20th, we deduct $50x5 to account for each day you had registered and then reimburse 50% of what is left so the refund is $225. However, if you cancel on March 30th, we will reimburse $450. This policy includes registrations made between April 1 and April 30. Regarding the current school year, families pay each month in advance with our automatic payment system, but there is no period commitment. Once a month is paid, we usually consider that payment non-refundable unless there are extenuating circumstances. However, if you need to withdraw a student from our program, please cancel your tuition plan in the My Subscriptions section of our online member portal (instructions here) AND send a written notice to by the 20th of the month, and we will not charge you the following month. This applies to all months except September and June. September tuition payments are refunded based on the policy above. If the registration is made after May 1 for next school year, they are non-refundable, but you can cancel and we will not charge for October. Cancellation or reduction in days for May and June of the current school year is combined. We ask families to please let us know by April 20th if they wish to cancel or reduce days for both May and June. We will charge through June 30th to be able to pay our teachers and the lease through the end of the month. Day Camps (excluding Summer Camps) If you cancel 2 or more weeks before the date of the day camp, you will receive a FULL REFUND, minus processing fees. If you cancel at least 72 hours in advance, you will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 72 hours of the day camp start time. Exceptions will be considered for medical reasons or on a case-by-case basis. Please note this applies to day camps such as Thanksgiving week, Winter, Mid-Winter, Spring break camps and not to our summer camps. Summer camp policy is below. ​ Online Classes & In-Person Tutoring If the student will need to miss a class, please let us and the instructor know 24 hours in advance for in-person tutoring, so we can schedule a make-up class at no extra cost. If the student does not show up for a class, or we receive a late notification (less than 24 hours in advance), we won’t be able to make up the class, and the class will be paid in full with the monthly payment. ​ For monthly subscriptions, each payment cycle lasts one month. You can cancel your student’s enrollment at any time with a written request, and you will not be charged for the following payment cycle. However, you will be responsible to pay in full for the current cycle (e.g. if your automatic payments are withdrawn on the 15th of each month and we receive your email requesting cancellation on October 30th, you will pay in full until November 14th, but you will not be charged on the following payment date, November 15th). ​ Exceptions will be considered for medical or family emergencies. ​ Summer Programs We understand plans change. We keep our policy as flexible as possible considering that the later a family needs to cancel, it takes away from another family who could have booked and may have had to make different plans. If you cancel before April 1st, you will receive a FULL REFUND, minus a $75 non-refundable administration fee per kid per week cancelled. If you cancel after April 1st, you will receive a refund minus $75 if we are able to fill your spot by the beginning of the program. Exceptions will be considered for medical reasons or on a case-by-case basis. ​ Cancelation due to extreme circumstances For the most part this applies to Seattle based programs in practice, but it can also impact online classes. In recent years we have been experiencing more snow days in Seattle and the road conditions can be unsafe. Similarly in the summer we have experienced days with heavy smoke, and in most cases, we are able to creatively continue the program. This policy applies to those circumstances plus any extreme weather or man-made event that may cause us to abruptly suspend classes. We also acknowledge that our teachers depend on their JOL compensation to make a living and we will pay teachers as much as possible despite these missed days. We will also try to offer some programming online at no additional cost to enrolled families. With that in mind, we have the following policies for our different programs: ​ For Afterschool, Small Groups and Preschool: we will notify families of cancellations as soon as we have enough information to determine it is unsafe for teachers and families to drive to our center. We will not issue prorated refunds for missed days if they total five days or less in a month. If more than five days in a month are missed, then we will prorate tuition to exclude day six and beyond upon family requests. When we notify you of cancellations, we will include information about online programs. For Camps: as long as we are able to offer a safe version of the camp and your child has a spot, then we are not able to issue refunds. If there is a city-wide issue and/or most of our teachers are unable to make it to the program safely, we may need to cancel that day of camp and we will notify you as soon as we make the decision. We will provide online programming for students that were registered in camp. If we don’t provide online programming, we will issue a refund of 50% of the tuition prorated to the days missed. For example, for a week-long camp where we need to cancel 2 days, then we will refund 1 day of camp. For Playtime and Tutoring: we will cancel sessions and refund the class to your package unless you would like to do the class online. For Online Classes: they will continue as planned with the same policies unless the teacher does not have power or internet access or is facing an emergency situation, in which case we will cancel the session and you can recover it when things return to normal.
  • How can I change the credit card that is being charged the monthly tuition?
    Please refer to this page which has step by step instructions.
  • Can I submit my expenses on Jump On Languages as a child care deduction for taxes?​
    Before you reach out to us, please consult your tax accountant. Some parents, including ourselves, have filed preschool, after school and camp expenses as deductions. You will need our EIN and address for that. If you decide to do this please contact us and we can provide you the necessary information.
  • How can I add an emergency contact or approved pick up person through Brightwheel?
    Please refer to this page which has step by step instructions.
  • How do you track attendance at your Preschool and After School?
    We use Brightwheel, which is a very popular Child Care software. It is not perfect, but enables us to have important safety information for each child including allergies, medications, emergency contact information and who is approved to pick up each child.
  • Do you offer food in your afterschool, preschool and summer programs?
    We offer healthy nut-free snacks. We ask that parents pack a lunch for the K-5 summer camp, Preschool summer camp and Preschool program. ​
  • Do you prorate tuition for periods when the program is closed or if I sign up after the month has begun?
    We do not prorate the cost of monthly tuition for holidays or for the last weeks of June once school is out, so we can continue paying our lease at Phinney Center and our teachers’ salaries so they can deep clean the rooms and wrap up pending items from school-year programs during those periods. Our monthly pricing is spread across the school year and considers the average number of open days across the whole year.
  • When are your programs' vacations/closures?
    Jump On Languages is closed on the following holidays: Labor Day Thanksgiving and the following day Christmas Eve Christmas Day (and sometimes the preceding or following day) New Year’s Day (and sometimes the preceding or following day) Martin Luther King’s Birthday President’s Day Memorial Day Juneteenth (June 19) Fourth of July
  • For what age is the Jump On Languages Preschool?
    Our preschool is for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. We also ask that they are potty trained. In the future we may add programs for children who are younger than 3 and/or are not potty trained.
  • Can I register for after school or preschool to start at a later month?
    It is possible, but please reach out to us to confirm before you do. Also note that once you register, that payment is non-refundable because we will be holding that spot until you begin.
  • What are your late pick up policies?
    We understand that a family’s life can be hectic, but we still ask and expect all kids that attend our programs to be picked up on before the time the respective program ends. This is important as teachers’ time is as precious as that of each family’s and it should be respected. We will provide a 5 minute grace period to pick ups. After the 5 minutes, we will charge $15 and increase another $1 every minute that passes. Five tardy pick ups in a year can lead to termination from the program. We highly recommend you coordinate with other families in the program and add them as authorized pick up on Brightwheel, so if at any point you realize you will not be able to pick your child on time, you can reach out directly to an approved family who can take care of your child while they wait for you. In extreme circumstances, you can contact us and explain why you are tardy. In case of true emergencies, we will always be there to support you.
  • Do you offer transportation for the after school program?
    ​ We are offering transportation for the after school program leaving from John Stanford International School, Whittier, Greenwood, and B.F. Day. With time we hope to add more transportation capacity and to more schools. Contact us to enquire about transportation from your school at The trips will be short, but safety is our priority so please provide a booster seat for your child. ​ Please note that Seattle Public Schools Transportation routes has stops that are close to our center for West Woodland Elementary, John Stanford International School, McDonald International school, and Cascadia. To register call the SPS Transportation department at 206-252-0900 and request an alternate drop off location.
  • Do you offer discounts for families with one or more students enrolled?
    Yes! After your first plan, we offer a 10% discount on subsequent plans of equal or lesser value, up to $150. Please inquire with us when you register.
  • Can I make up a day for preschool or afterschool if my child misses it?
    No. We ask that families bring their kids on the day they are registered for. Exceptions can be made at our discretion for emergency situations.
  • What does my child need to bring to camp?
    If your child is enrolled in our Preschool summer camp your child should bring a back pack with the following items: - Swim suits on every day & a dry towel (we have lots of water activities). - Water Bottle (please label it). - Sun hat & Sunscreen. - A full set of change of clothes. - Picnic Style Lunch (easy to eat on a picnic blanket). Please plan for a nut free lunch. - Comfortable shoes & water shoes. If your child is enrolled in our K-5 Summer Camp your child should bring a back pack with the following items: - Swim suits on every day & a dry towel (we have lots of water activities). - Water Bottle (please label it). - Sun hat & Sunscreen. - A full set of change of clothes. - Picnic Style Lunch (easy to eat on a picnic blanket). Please plan for a nut free lunch. - Comfortable shoes & water shoes. - A life jacket for your child if they require one.
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