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Adult Distance Learning

Online Language Classes for Kids & Adults

Live online language programs

Learn in private & semi-private courses

From 30 to 60 minutes virtual classes

Free trial available!

Give you and your kid the gift of Language Excellence

Embark on Jump on Language's immersive online language program.
This journey fosters success by embracing diverse cultures and mastering second languages, unlocking enriched career avenues. Dive into our virtual language classes, engaging interactive learning, and live online sessions with professional native-speaking teachers, while nurturing your or your kid's linguistic prowess with our accessible online language classes that merge education and enjoyment. Fuel your future with cognitive growth, empathy, and academic excellence.
Our classes are always fun, meaningful and engaging, and the teachers create a personalized curriculum based on every student's needs and preferences.
We offer a wide range of languages you can choose from
Don't see the language you are interested in?
Please let us know!
We ad languages by demand.
Why learning a new language with Jump on Languages?
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Live online language classes with qualified native-speaker teachers


Private and Semi-private courses in Monthly Tuition Plans or Flex Packages


Online tailor made Language Learning Programs for Companies


Human customer support ready to help you with any requirements

What People Say

Teengers with Laptop


"We have been so happy with our online tutoring experience with Michiko. We are now back for our second year!  Japanese is a challenging language-- and I have been impressed with her curriculum, her techniques, and the different learning and language tools she employs. 
She is providing such a fun well-rounded experience for our 12 year old son and he truly looks forward to his sessions."

Man on Computer


"Ana is a fantastic instructor. I feel that she has prepared me to more fully enjoy my upcoming trip to Spain for the Camino Santiago. The wonders of high speed internet makes almost in-person, even though Ana and I are in different continents.  I enthusiastically recommend Ana for learning Spanish.."

Computer Class


"Catalina has been a wonderful teacher and tutor of Mandarin to our daughter and we have really appreciated her efforts as well as her flexibility throughout the last year of classes with her."



classes a year


Online Language Learning Programs for Companies

Our online language learning trainings for companies are designed to improve the language capabilities of businesses and their staff. These programs aim to develop learners’ foreign language fluency so they can confidently communicate on both a professional and personal level with their colleagues, partners and customers. 

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