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"We love Jump On Languages! The preschool teachers have excellent experience and the teacher to child ratio is fantastic. The owners are kind and personable and they are great communicators. They have other services that help meet the needs of our family like the program for school holidays (which my older child loves). They happily make adjustments for our various needs. What a gift after the trials of pandemic life!"

Nicole R. (Parent)

Spanish Preschool, Language Playtime, Day Camps

"My son is starting his second year at JOL. I'm constantly impressed by not only the programming and curriculum of the organization, but the communication of the employees and the owners. Each week we receive a newsletter telling us what the children have been working on - including vocabulary, activities, and crafts. Everything is very intentional and thoughtful.

All of staff and the owners are very communicative and I've never felt like I had to chase anyone for answers. As a working mom, I really appreciate this aspect of their business. I highly recommend this program for anyone in the area."


Michelle H. (Parent)

Afterschool Program, Summer Camp, Day Camps

"JOL has been a great fit for our family! Despite no prior knowledge of Spanish, our 1st grader fit right into the after school program and has really enjoyed herself. I'm always impressed by the activities - everything from crafts, to cooking, to reading, and plenty of time to run and play outside. The owners are very communicative and responsive in the (often unpredictable) COVID era - for example, they quickly pulled together a full-day program option during the teacher's strike at the beginning of the school year when many of us were scrambling to find a childcare solution. I love that in addition to language immersion, my child is gaining a more global perspective, thanks to exploration and celebration of culture at JOL."

Krista L. (Parent)

Afterschool Program, Day Camps

"Jump On Languages offers high quality and diverse programming at a very reasonable cost! My daughter has been doing the one-on-one tutoring and it has totally reignited her interest in language. We're looking forward to the new After School offerings coming up this fall. What I also really appreciate is how smoothly everything runs. The management is dialed in on the user experience which has made it so easy and convenient for the community."

Anthony G. (Parent)

In-Person Tutoring

"Jump On Languages' online sessions were very helpful keeping my 7 year-old engaged and provided the best avenue to practice Spanish without making it feel like a rigid language tutoring session. Tutors are native speakers, very good with young children and very resourceful with fun, inspiring and engaging activities. Highly recommended.."

Dilara (Parent)

Online Classes

"We love Jump On Languages! Our kids have both done Spanish summer camps and an after school Spanish play group with them and they always have a blast. Jump On uses a play based structure to create a fun and supportive environment for the kids to learn in, they're encouraging of curiosity and really focus on each child as an individual.
With the current state of affairs, we've been doing live online Spanish classes with Jump On twice a week. The classes are engaging and our 5 year old can't wait to show us what he's drawn in class, a new game he's learned, or tell us about a mystery they're trying to solve during class. We feel very lucky to be part of the Jump On family!"

Courtney K. (Parent)

Online Classes, Summer Camp, Afterschool Program

"Jump on Languages is an excellent program. The tutors are friendly, very knowledgeable, they are all native speakers in the language of choice and are very skilled at getting the children motivated to learn. They share the learning in a fun way that makes it very enjoyable. My children enjoyed their tutoring classes; they loved their teacher and being able to do it with another friend. It was a win win situation for everyone."

Y GN. (Parent)

In-Person Tutoring

"We love Jump On Languages! Our son has enjoyed both in-person camps and online classes with engaging and thoughtful teachers. Excellent communication, valuable and fun learning experience."

Katie T, (Parent)

Online Classes, Day Camps

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