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Our Mandarin online classes are taught by an amazing Mandarin native speaker teacher, a qualified professional with experience teaching adults and kids.

As with the rest of Jump On Languages classes, we aim to provide kids, youth and adults the opportunity to learn languages in a dynamic, interactive and innovative way. Our teachers will learn about your needs to customize classes to your interests. We also make our classes affordable and offer financial aid so it is accessible to everyone. 

Check our teacher’s profile below and book a Free Trial!

Please contact us below if you do not see your preferred language or instructor on the calendar.

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Catalina is a qualified philologist, teacher, translator & interpreter of English, Chinese Mandarin and Arabic. She holds Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Arabic studies and Master’s Degrees in East Asian Studies specialized in Japanese and Chinese Languages, in Translation, Teaching Spanish as a FL and SL, and Research and Innovation in Training and Curricular Design. She has the official Chinese Proficiency Test Certification Level in HSK 6 and HSKK Advanced (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì). She has many years experience in teaching Chinese Mandarin to children, teenagers and adults, both in in-person and online classes. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Social Sciences and her research thesis is on affective factors influencing education. She loves teaching languages and is a lively, creative and committed professional.

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