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We are proud to partner with Nora Kaplan Language Centre based in Europe, led by Nora Kaplan, an associate professor and researcher at the University of Salamanca. She has a degree in English Philology, a Master in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and a PhD in Discourse Studies.

We offer four types of courses: General English for everyone, Test prep, Conversational and for Business. Our courses are geared towards immigrants to English speaking countries and to those who frequently interact with English speakers for personal or professional reasons. 

As with the rest of Jump On Languages classes, we aim to provide kids, youth and adults the opportunity to learn languages in a dynamic, interactive and innovative way. Our teachers will learn about your needs to customize classes to your interests. We also make our classes affordable and offer financial aid so it is accessible to everyone. 

Check our programs below and contact us for more information. 


English for everyone

Our English for Everyone courses are designed to improve fluency and accuracy in the language.

From basic to advanced level, we help you develop all communication skills.

With our systems you will gradually increase your vocabulary and your command of grammar.

Whether for work, study, travel or personal interest, with these courses you will be able to communicate fluently in all situations of daily life.

We use carefully selected materials: books from the best publishers, audiovisual and digital resources, language games, worksheets and much more.

Test Preparation

We prepare you for the most accredited official exams:


Regular and intensive courses.

Practical classes with mock real exams throughout the course.

We help you register to take the exams.

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ConversationaL english

They are ideal for those who already have an intermediate and / or advanced level of English.

If you want to exchange ideas and opinions on current affairs, our conversation classes in small groups are the best option. A different topic in each class.

We teach you communication strategies so that you can talk or debate naturally and spontaneously.

english for business


  • English courses at three levels: Basic English (A2), Intermediate English (B1, B2) and Advanced English (C1).

  • The vocabulary and structure of the courses is adapted to the company's sector and its specific needs

  • Courses can be 1-to-1 or in groups

  • Monthly follow-up report for each attendee

  • Collective final report

  • Certificate for employees who complete the course


  • Short courses focused on a specific topic for immediate application

  • Spoken and written negotiation for international trade

  • Effective oral communication in English with clients, work teams, etc.

  • Effective writing of documents such as proposals, reports, executive summaries, emails, presentations

  • Strategies and advice to evaluate the level of English of candidates during hiring processes

  • Courses can be 1-to-1 or in groups

  • Certificate for employees who complete the course

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