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Our German online classes are taught by an amazing teacher, a qualified professional with experience teaching adults and kids.

As with the rest of Jump On Languages classes, we aim to provide kids, youth and adults the opportunity to learn languages in a dynamic, interactive and innovative way. Our teachers will learn about your needs to customize classes to your interests. We also make our classes affordable and offer financial aid so it is accessible to everyone. 

Check our teacher’s profile below and book a Free Trial!

Luba Buling Russian and German Teacher.j

Luba Buling

German and Russian Teacher

Luba is bilingual in German and Russian. Her command of English is also exceptional. She has been teaching all three languages professionally for over five years and is an expert teaching through online language classes. Having studied International Tourism Management at the University of Heide in Germany, she understands the importance of cross-cultural communication. She has been described by many of her students as pleasant, patient and methodical.   teacher. 

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