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Spanish, Japanese, English, Math and more!

Looking for Spanish or Japanese classes in the Seattle area? We offer in-person tutoring for kids and youth (5-17),  at Phinney Center. You can have them Private or semi-private, which means that you take the class with 1 or 2 other students. 

Our In-Person Classes for kids are a great way for you to introduce your kids to a new language or complement their language classes in school in a fun and engaging way.  The teachers create a personalized curriculum based on each student's individual needs and preferences. We offer 6- or 10-session packages for private and semi-private tutoring (2-3 students).

Please note that to register for semi-private tutoring, you must form your own pair or small group of kids around the same age and level. Jump on Languages does not take responsibility for pairing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Flexible class packages are not eligible for refunds, as once it is purchased, we plan our teacher capacity needs using that information. For in-person classes, since we don't offer free trials, we still guarantee students will be happy with their class and will want to continue. However, if they are not happy after the first class, we refund the balance of the package they bought. For online classes, flexible packages are non-refundable.

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Are your interested in booking a tutoring session during the week? Please, fill out the inquiry form:
Are you interested in booking a tutoring session during the weekends? Please, fill out the following inquiry form:
Our Tutors
Maestra Maria Elena2.jpg

María Elena Hoveskeland

Maestra Lara.jpg

Lara Arias

Maestra Lupe.jpg

Lupe Galarza

Maestra Maricarmen.jpg

Maricarmen Navarro

Spanish Teacher.jpeg

Laura Franco

Maestra Monica_edited.jpg

Maricarmen Navarro


Iara Cardoso

Maestra Ida.jpg

Ida Henricksen


Mia Donovan

Roberto Math Instructor.jpg

Roberto Reif

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All semi-private classes are priced by student.

Families are responsible for forming their own groups.

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