Spanish, Japanese, French and English Online Tutoring
(Kids, Youth and Adults) MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM

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✓ Interactive and engaging online classes for all levels

✓ Experienced teachers personalize curriculums based on each student’s needs/preferences

✓ Individual or small groups with flexible schedules (M-F 7am-7pm)

✓ No long-term commitments

✓ Families with 2 or more members enrolled receive a 10% discount of the total monthly invoice 

✓ Access to Unlimited Family Group Classes (art, cooking, science, dance, and more)

Payment details: 

Monthly invoices are sent via email at the end of each month. We can set up automatic recurring payments for your convenience. 

If a student is enrolled when a month has already started, we will prorate the 1st month and begin with monthly payments the second month of enrollment. 

Reschedule and Cancellation: 

Please read our cancellation policies section


All adult students, or representatives of kids and youth students, will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability before starting a class. 

ADULT Language Tutoring Rates 


PRIVATE-Monthly Rates 45 MIN

OPTIONS for kids and youth 30min-45min classes 


Please contact us to book your first 30min session FREE!

Seattle Washington

Tel: 415-439-9470

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Please contact us to book your first 30min session FREE!  Also use this form 

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