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Jewish Languages: Hebrew & Yiddish

In Partnership with Qesher, an International Jewish Cultural Organization

The Jewish people have been multilingual for most of their history, mainly because of their geographical diversity. Therefore, the Jewish Languages, except for Hebrew, are a variety of dialects and languages created by the Jewish communities in the diaspora. The Jewish people have adopted not only the various languages spoken in their homelands but also adopted a good number of Jewish hybrid languages.

At Jump On Languages, we are excited to offer classes of some of the most popular Jewish Languages: Hebrew and Yiddish. Our teachers are exceptionally knowledgeable on these spoken/written Jewish languages and their unique history and cultural influence.

Also, in partnership with the international organization Qesher, our Jewish Language students will also have access to a FREE online Jewish cultural event every month. Each week, Qesher introduces speakers from different regions and communities to give you the chance to enrich and deepen your knowledge of the shared Jewish heritage from wherever you happen to be. Check out their upcoming events here.

Old Hebrew Prayer Book
Preparing a Challah
By the Western Wall
Jewish Synagogue
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